Sant’Ambrogio Central & Quiet

(why) Sant’Ambrogio Central & Quiet….

Although the most famous Church in Milan is Duomo, there is no question that the most important Church in Milan is Sant’Ambrogio. This is a matter of fact from several points of view:
-it is one of the best romanic style example in the Northern Italy
– it is titled to the patron Saint of the city of Milan, whose body is perfectly preserved in the apse of the Church…………………………………………that’s why I have named this apartment like that.


The area of the apartment is really strategic for a multipurpose stay in Milan.
It is located at the cross between Corso Genova and Via De Amicis, where a shopping street crosses a residential one. Not a touristy area, although it is very close to Duomo ( 20 minutes walking, just straight) or to Canal Navigli Area ( 15 minutes walk) . Colonne di San Lorenzo, the magnificent square with Roman Columns standing in the middle, is just 200 meters away.

In front of the exit door, you will find the tram stops #2 and #14, both leading you to Duomo area ( maybe it takes a shorter time by walking!) . The bus #94 stops is in front of the block: this bus connects you to Cadorna Station in a few minutes (the main hub for Malpensa airport) .Metro station is at 300 meters ( s.Ambrogio, line 2 directed to Central Railway station) .

Public transport in Milan is by far the best one you can find in Italy. Means of transportation are safe, frequent ( not on Sunday) economic and the network is complete. It is a perfect mix of tram, metro and bus. Tickets cost 1,5 euro, you can use all means, uo to lasting 90 minutes. In the metro they last 1 trip and you can pay with credit card. Travel cards are also available.

Buy ticket of public transport at the machine outside the arrivals, price 1,5€, duration 90 mins. Take the bus #73 directed to Duomo (it is the only bus leaving from the airport!), leave the bus at terminus, which is ideally Duomo but actually at one side of the Cathedral in piazza Diaz. Take the tram #2 or #14 at in the beginning of via Torino (right side). Witch is one of the streets starting from piazza Duomo. Leave the tram #2 or #14 in Piazza Resistenza Partigiana / corso Genova. Cross the street and you are arrived!

This apartment is very well linked the Malpensa Airport. From both terminal 1 and 2 follow the directions for TRAIN, once in the catch the train for going to CADORNA STATION, (not Central Station). Tickets cost 13 euro each and you can buy them at te Machines or at the tickets office. They run from early morling to midnight. The duration of the trip is 36 minutes. From Cadorna Station to the apartment take the bus #94 in via Carducci ( main exit of the station, cross the road and turn to the right corner) . Leave the bus #94 at piazza Resistenza Partigiana….arrived!

Choose one of the many buses outside the airport going to Milano Centrale Stazione, according to price ( from 8 euro) and time of departure Once in Stazione Centrale of Milan, take metro line 2 green, and leave at S.Ambrogio Station. Walk in via De Amicis until the cross with Corso Genova….arrived!

take metro line 2 green, and leave at S.Ambrogio Station. Walk in via De Amicis until the cross with Corso Genova….arrived!

Driving in Milan is a nightmare, not only for the traffic but also for the rules and the restrictions. The area of the apartment is in the center, the access costs 5 euro by car, on working days from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. The method of payment is buying a ticket (at a bar or tobacconist) and send a sms with the code ( within 24 hours) . DO not forget, the fines arrive on the credit cards after few months!! Near the apartment the best car park is in Via Ariberto 4, (early booking online guarantees good savings). This car park is 5 minutes walk from home, If you will not use the car in Milan…rent it at your departure, near the apartment there is a pick up rent a car point. Anyway, if you are arriving by car anyway a good idea could be to stop in Famagosta car Park, virtually far but very well connected by metro 2 green. It is also very cheap.


Prices start at: 99 per night


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