Rules of the house

At check-in, the customer will be asked for a cash security deposit which will be returned at check-out if the following rules have been complied with.

Please the kind guests of:

  • Respect the check-out time in case of any delay will be required the surcharge for late check-out.
  • Leave the kitchenette and all the dishes clean, at the time of check-out the kitchen will be inspected by an addict.
  • Do not smoke inside the apartment and do not throw cigarette butts away from the balcony, but put them in the appropriate ashtray.
  • The customer is required to take the utmost care of the property assigned to him, the furnishings and the equipment and to report to the management any faults or breakages within 24 hours from the occupation of the accommodation, in order to avoid that it may subsequently be considered responsible, paying any damages.
  • Do not leave garbage in the apartments but throw it in the appropriate room following the separate collection criterion
  • Respect other guests avoiding noises and noises especially at night
  • Pets are not permitted
  • Pay attention to the keys, in case of loss or breakage of them will be required a refund of 30 euros

By staying in our apartments, the customer agrees to accept and respect these Regulations, otherwise, the Management reserves the right to remove persons who may contravene them.